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Item #: 721511865
Date Listed:    5/26/2010
Condition: New
Price: $2,030.00  (Originally $2,310.00)
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Furniture Type:  Chests > Just Chests
Antique Mirrored Chest of Drawers
Antiqued Mirror Chest of Drawers made of the best quality. This 3 drawer chest is great for storage as well as being a showstopper in any room. The drawers slide open with ease from superior construction. Made of Wood and Antique Mirror. **This item requires shipment via a freight carrier. Additional charges apply based upon your location.
Width: 31 inches
Depth: 17 inches
Height: 32 inches
Weight: 297 pounds
Style:  Other
Catalog #:  4204
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Antique Mirrored Chest of Drawers
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